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Lubricant Assessment and System Check

A preliminary lubricant assessment and subsequent system check is our commitment to ensuring our customers’ profitability and maximized efficiency. By looking first hand into the equipment, conditions, handling, performance and lubricant selection, we will make sure that all areas affected and protected by the actual lubricant can deliver the maximum benefit to your operations.

Some things that the check may involve or help achieve are:

 Analysis of your oil reports to help act as key performance indicators and troubleshooting
 Stock room and oil handling analysis from receiving door into service
 Machinery and equipment performance review
 Failure history and component life
 Maintenance practices with focus on reduced costs, maximized life and reduced downtime
 OEM recommendations
 Actual operating conditions
 Key area temperature gun readings
 Bacon Bomb bulk tank sampling and audit
 Best lubricant selection for the real situation
 Analysis of current products used, where, for what and how often
 Contamination & control prevention and mechanisms specific to your plant
 The best options for product and SKU rationalization
 Inventory carrying reduction
 Recommendations
 A clear implementation plan for continued success
 Training & procedure development
 Ongoing projects

The lubricant assessment and system check is geared to provide our customers with the information and documentation to help maximize their operational costs. Incorrect lubricants used, or unrecognized key equipment performance signal changes can create a domino effect whereby maintenance, parts and downtime costs get incorrectly classified as normal and unavoidable.

Oil Analysis Available For True Situational Evaluation

This is just another way we partner with our customers to help ensure their ongoing success.

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