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Meet the PitPack®

The new PitPack® easy dispense motor oil system can help you manage the complexity of growing premium product sales and the challenge of carrying all the products that are demanded by your customers - all within less space! This environmentally responsible packaging and delivery system save time, space, cost, significantly reduces waste associated with liter bottle. 

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Your advantage in a competitive market

It’s all about smart business. Competition in the oil change business is as tough as it gets. But, when you feature Havoline® products and proudly fly the Havoline brand,you can be sure your customers and prospective customers know you’re on the leading edge of lubrication technology. They’ll know you’re installing a product with a firm heritage of excellence, innovation and reliability. They’ll recognize you as a trusted supplier of one of the most popular and powerful brands in the market.

The Havoline Installed Program rewards you for your brand loyalty and quality commitment with:

• Quality Products
• Free Merchandising Kit
• Promotional Material
• Merchandising and Business Support
• Co-op Funds and Benefits

The complete Havoline product line

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